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EPDM Rubber Safety Surfacing

     Rubber safety tiles for wet areas such as swimming pools, hot tubs and spas are very similar to those used in play areas with the exception of the top surface materials. Any of our tile types are suitable for external or internal use. For areas such as swimming pools where the surface will be wet most of the time when in use, and where pool maintenance/cleaning fluids may be mixed into the water, an EPDM topped tile is recommended. EPDM is a solid colour rubber granule that will not give off a carbon rub to bare feet as they scuff across the surface. EPDM tiles are somewhat more expensive than regular Play Tiles due to the materials and manufacturing process, but we do recommend their use for swimming pool surrounds and other such areas. For more details on granulated safety surfacing in general please see the Play Tile section of the site. For further info and prices on EPDM topped tiles

EPDM is available in a wide range of colours, just the standard colours are shown below.

Cross section of EPDM Safety Tile


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