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Colour in Play Area Surfacing
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     The core material of our Play Tile is a recycled black rubber granule. Thus the standard colour is black, colour can be added to play tiles in a number of ways.

Option 1 - Colour pigment can be added to the bonding resins during manufacture to create a Green or Red Play Tile.

Option 2 - Solid colour rubber granules can be added to the mix to create a black surface with a colour fleck. The standard colour granules added are Blue, Red, Yellow or Green. Although any of a wide range of colours can be added, please ask if you are interested in a particular colour. Examples are pictured below.

Option 3 - Colour Inserts are pre-prepared solid colour sheets that have been cut into various shapes to offer a more interactive play experience for children. Number, letters, animal shapes and games can be added to Play Tile during manufacture. Examples are pictured below.

Option 4 - A top layer of solid colour granules can be added to create an EPDM topped tile, these are normally used for swimming pool surrounds and similar application. These tiles are substantially more expensive than Play Tiles, click here for more details.....

Standard Black Play Tile
Play Tile with Blue Speckle
Play Tile with Green Pigment
Play Tile with Red Pigment
Coloured shapes, letters, numbers, signs and animal characters can be added to Play Tile. A hopscotch game can be created over three and half tiles. Each insert fit neatly into one quarter of the 1metre squre tile.





Alternative colours available on request

Blue Green Bright Yellow
Teal Red Mustard
Purple Orange Beige / Eggshell
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