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Frequently Asked Questions
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What makes bound rubber safer surfacing systems ideal for use in play surfaces?

Rubber tile safety surfaces require little or no maintenance. There thickness remains constant and therefore so does the performance, unlike loose fill surfaces such as sand, bark etc. Rubber surfaces are wheelchair accessible, do not hide broken glass, needles and other debris dangerous to children. Porous rubber systems provide an all weather surface for children to enjoy.

How do I determine the depth of surfacing I may require?

The depth of any play surface is determined by the height of individual play equipment, as is the size of the area required. The manufacturer of your play equipment will be able to advise you of these dimensions. If you are unable to obtain this information for what ever reason, simply measure the platform height, length and width of the play equipment and contact us for advise.

Can Play Tiles be used to reduce noise?

Play Tiles have been used to reduce noise levels where noise from wheeled toys over concrete has caused a problem. Although we are unable to supply data on noise level reduction.

Should my rubber surfacing become damaged can it be repaired - cheaply and easily?

Our rubber Play Tiles are extremely durable and a very strong adhesive can be used to bond them to a concrete or tarmac surface, helping fend off vandals is unsecured open areas. Should your surface become damaged, either a whole tile or quarter tile square can be replaced with relative ease. As our tiles are prefabricated repairs can be carried out quickly and without closing down a play area, unlike a wet pour repair that would require an extended curing time.

Do I need a qualified tradesman to install my play surface?

Tiles are prefabricated into 1m2 slabs. They lend themselves to local contractor or D.I.Y. installation. They can be inset level with the existing ground or surface mounted onto existing concrete or tarmac surfaces. An installation guide comes with our info pack or see our online installation guide.

My play area is an awkward shape, can tiles be cut to fit?

Yes - Our rubber tiles are easily cut to shape using a sharp Stanley knife or a power jigsaw.

Are Play Tiles a better option than a wet pour surface?

Play Tiles are prefabricated into shape under pressure in a heated press, providing a more sturdy construction than poured in place systems. This makes them less prone to vandalism, should a tiled surface become damaged in any way a single tile or quarter tile can be replaced with relative ease.

Can you supply wet pour? Does my application require wet pour?

Wet pour tends to be more expensive in most applications, if you send us an email with details of your application (area m2 , play equipment to be used and current base) we can advise you as to your best option. If your application warrants wet pour we will pass your details on to the contractors who deal with our wet pour installations.

Can you add some colour to the play area?

Please see our colour section for details on colours and educational inserts and games.

I only need a few tiles for my garden, what the minimum quantity I can order?

We are happy to supply domestic customers, there is a minimum order quantity of four tiles.

Can rubber play tiles be used for indoor applications?

Yes - you will not need to bond the tiles down for internal applications, ideally penning tiles in position using surrounding walls. You should consider obstacles such as door that may open into the area, these can be work around by using ramps which can be used to help pen in tile borders.

How long do I have to wait for my order?

We aim to supply your order within 14 - 21 days. However to ensure you have your tile when you want them please give us as much notice as possible.

Can I have a sample and information pack?

With pleasure, click here to order our info pack.

Click here and we will post you a price list and literature pack

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