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Play Tile Specification
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Critical Fall Height

     CFH refers to the height of any equipment used on a play surface. When planning a play area it is also very important to consider the surfaced area around any equipment being used.

Important: Ensure you play surface and installation comply with current British and European safety standards.


Tile Depth
20mm -
30mm 0.7m
40mm 1.2m
50mm 1.6m
60mm 1.7m
70mm 2.2m
80mm 2.4m
     Our granulated rubber safety tiles are manufactured to the highest standards, and come in a range thickness from 20mm to 80mm.
     The composite rubber tiles are manufactured from high grade environmentally friendly recycled rubber. The rubber is granulated, sieved and graded, which comprises 90% of the finished tile. The other 10% being polyurethane moisture curing pre-polymer.
     The moulding process and stringent quality control, ensures that our tiles achieve a consistent dimension, thickness, mass and most importantly, performance.
Under a Rubber Granulated Tile

     Our tiles incorporate a special feature by having a large hollow cone foot, and moulded base, which is designed to improve the critical fall height, and absorb much of the energy of a fall. This design is also allowing excellent drainage beneath the tiles surface.


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