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Installation Guidelines
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You will need to follow the guidelines for Public Area Installation, however as traffic is not likely to be as high in domestic garden application it may not be necessary to such extensive lengths.

In your garden, you can either :

Surface Mount - install the tiles onto a concrete, tarmac or patio surface using our adhesive to hold them in place. Please ensure that the surface is clean, sound and level before installation. Ramped edges can be used on tiles 40mm and over to add safe access to your play from exposed edges.


Flush Mount - install either a wooden or concrete edge border to lay your tiles within. If you choose to install your tiles within such a border, you should ensure the tiles are fitted tight within prepared area then you are unlikely to experience any gaps within your installation.

Drainage - rubber play tiles are porous and will allow water to drain through them - so allow for drainage under the tiles.  In large and public areas where a concrete or tarmac base is used then correct drainage levels are used to take excess water away.  In smaller, private areas, lay your tiles on a good bed of either sand or shingle and this should allow adequate drainage underneath. A firm compacted level base is important to ensure you play surface remains level.

Adhesive - where adhesive is not used to bond tiles to a suitable sub-base, it is recommended to use our 310ml tubes of adhesive to apply a small bead to the edge of each tile as it is butted up to the next tile, creating a more seamless surface and stopping seeds getting between tiles. 

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